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Gun-Lass by EricALischka
A combination of a 6 hour drive + Buying a replica gun (used as reference in this picture) + Looking at Zazies "Little Owl" stuff + and a warped representation of what I think I look like when I'm sleeping in a vehicle. Very much just a practice picture.
Umm by EricALischka
Poor dude is in art limbo, because I didn't realize I would use him for practice doodles.

Maybe I'll make a story revolving around the top right image of him throwing Clive.

Also bonus Ashe on the bottom right.
Merry Morning by EricALischka
Merry Morning
Here's EZ.

     Sorry about the long period of silence my account went through. I was getting into the habit of drawing something, and then the stand alone picture would turn into a comic panel.

     So I currently have many comic panels almost done, and none of them share the same story. I mean, most of my stories would only be a handful of pages long and if all the panels I had done shared the same story; there would be a short comic on my account, but nope. I dun goofed.
Lady by EricALischka
      That dog was named Lady. She was 18 years old before she passed away. She was my dog for almost all of my life. Alma adopts almost all of her personality traits from Lady, highlighting her one habit of overestimating her own ability when confronting anything. The dog would challenge everything from squirrels to timber wolves, and the only thing that was able to kill her was old age. A couple of her distinguishing features were her black curly hair and stump for a leg. Lady ended up losing her paw when she was hit by a vehicle at a young age, but she would still happily hobble to those she knew. Speaking of which, Lady was subtly stubborn with whom she lets close to her. I'm gonna miss my dog.

     I could make paragraphs about Lady, or I could save what I remember of Lady and put it towards my future work.

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Loving the comic.
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Thank you for the happy birthday!
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